This publication is a podcast and blog. It’s a personal story of healing, and trauma. It has been on hiatus for a while but has returned.

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April 2022

About Aeryn North

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About the Podcast

About NorthSoulStar Podcast
On this page: A brief history | Links | Apple Podcasts | TuneIn Radio | Contact Details Making It Up and Working It Out as I Go Along, Just Like Life! I began recording a personal vlog back in 2017 on…
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This is an online journal. It’s a blog, vlog, and podcast.

All content is opinion, and personal experience. Subjects discussed may not have been researched adequately, or verified as factually correct. I am not trained, or licensed to give any kind of professional advice. My truth tends to drift and change over time. Past content may not represent my current perspective.

My Boundaries

I do love hearing from others, but please refrain from using my platform to promote yourself; look for clients; or give unasked advice. I have a coach already and I know where to get help if I need it.

This is my platform, it's not an invitation for advice, or a cry for help. I intend to maintain this project as a safe space where difficult subjects can be discussed. If you have concerns, please message me.

It's just a blog.

The Serious Bit

This entire publication, and YouTube channel, and all contents and comments written, or spoken by me should be taken as unqualified and incomplete opinion, or advice. Listeners and readers should use their own discretion when consuming my content. They should seek a licensed professional where they live before following any steps or suggestions mentioned.


My content is made freely available with no charge. I am thinking of switching on the monetisation functions of this blog for donations and a few extras. I’m open to suggestions, such as private community chats, for example. If you have any ideas, or want to support this publication financially with a paid subscription, please reach out to me and let me know what you think.


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