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NorthSoulStar Transmissions is a podcast and publication (here on Substack), a YouTube channel, and various sharings on social media. It’s a How To Live A Better Life-project.

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This is a blog about life, a journey, and the higher guidance received and channeled through Aeryn North.

Aeryn is an empathic, sensitive and spiritual soul who lives in England. She has a history of trauma and mental health diagnoses. In 2017, believing she was broken and worthless, Aeryn passed a watershed moment and surrendered. She decided once and for all that she was ‘done’ and also that it was time to ‘fix’ herself, or have God fix her — she wasn’t sure which. And the transformation (which was many years in the making) began, was embraced, and accepted.

So this project is a blog, journey, and wayshowing. Of a person realising just what is possible when we learn to connect deep into our own Self, and tap into our own hidden strengths and wash away the programming from the outside world.

Aeryn is an artist, photographer, and explorer. She happens to be transgender, a co-parent of two kids, and lives near Manchester, in England.

Hi, feedback and coments are very much welcomed and encouraged. Please feel free to connect with me by replying to any email you receive, or leaving a comment on a post. Sharing my journey has been an integral part of my healing and integration. But it’s also my hope that it helps others in the reading, or listening.



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  • The website at is down indefinitely and the web address now redirects to this page. The website may return at some point, but for now, I’m happy for everything to be on Substack and YouTube.

  • Until September 2019, this publication was a podcast, which may return…

Aeryn North
May 2020


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