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NorthSoulStar is the name of a project – or service – by Aeryn North.

It’s a blog, vlog, podcast, newsletter on the subject of spirituality: Ascension, New Earth, Self-Realisation, Self-Empowerment and all that good stuff.

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Hi, I’m Aeryn – an empathic, sensitive and spiritual soul who lives in England, UK. I have a story, a history of trauma and mental health diagnoses.

In 2017, I believed I was broken. I had been having weird spiritual experiences for many years and rather than embrace them, I had come to the conclusion that I was crazy. But I passed a watershed moment and finally gave up the battle. I started to see who I really am.

So I decided once and for all that I was ‘done’ and it was time to ‘fix’ myself, or have God fix me — I wasn’t sure which. The transformation began to accelerate.

I began to accept I was a spiritual being, that was channeling higher consciousness, that I was speaking with angels, that I could allow my own healing, that I wasn’t broken, that I wasn’t limited and small, that I could choose or create my own reality. That I had chosen to come here and experience a transformative paradigm shift within myself, and witness it on Earth, and Humanity also. A process that many call Ascension, the Shift, The New Paradigm, New Earth, 5D.

So this project is a blog, story, journey, a ‘way showing’ of a person realising the truth of the deeper, spiritual Self. A journey into consciousness; into energy; into expansion; into Love; back home; back to the Source.

This publication is written and maintained by Aeryn North. Aeryn is an artist, photographer, and explorer. She is transgender, a co-parent of two kids, and lives near Manchester, in England.

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