Your Being Is Everything – Arcturian Council

We ask you at this time do you feel better looking at the world, or the troubles of the world, or do you feel better spending time ‘loving the heck out of yourself’?

How healthy is it for me to explore and enjoy reading about and sharing so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ (when I know there is a great deal of truth in them), and is this in authentic service to the collective?

I have spoken and written a lot on this subject recently. In my personal journal, and in my asking of others, spiritual teachers, as well as my own personal guides, and friends. I have received much wisdom on this and yet have struggled to integrate and move forwards in authenticity. It has always been my desire to embody wisdom rather than to simply follow guidance. 

This morning I sat down to meditate and receive, My Arcturian family came through unexpectedly and so I spent time with them asking for guidance on this subject. Here is an edited version of my hand-written channeling. 

We are here. We are here. We are here.

We are Your Arcturian Council, Aeryn.

Yes, we are here and we always have been. We are always with you. And yet we step forwards at this time, to greet you and 'spend some time’ with you. 

Why do you come forwards today? It seems like a very long time since I last channeled you.

Because today is a day that you have called us in. Today is a day where we witness a new birth, a birth of "Aeryn” and humanity. Today, and the past few days there has been a realisation, a marker, a fruition of work, of clearing, of creating that we as Arcturian Energy have been assisting you all with. And we are very pleased with the progress and commitment of the starseeds of Earth, both awakened and unawakened.

We are experiencing great joy in the witnessing of this stage of the awakening, remembering, ascension of humanity. Today as a wonderful day to be a human is it not? 

Yes! I feel good today! I feel open, conscious, awake, motivated, energised, loved, loving. I am feeling the intensity. I am feeling the collective. I am feeling my shadow. It is coming up and I am seeing it. It is this sense of urgency, of time-is-running-out, the feeling that I am not doing enough, that I am not enough. It's intense, and quite raw. But I am strangely grounded in it, as an observer, as a parent, holding space for it all and declining to take part in that. It is a strange multi-levelled experience.

I have been diving into many high-vibe materials last 24 hours and have felt greatly supported.

Yes. We can feel this in you Aeryn. We ask you at this time do you feel better looking at the world, or the troubles of the world, or do you feel better spending time ‘loving the heck out of yourself’?

Yes. Spending time in self-love, self-care, and remaining present with myself brings great clarity and sense of peace.

I have questions around this, though.

I have recently – last few months – been drawn into looking at the 4D agendas and 'watching the movie'. I have felt conflicted. I have felt called to look at dark agendas, and even share them a bit on social media. It felt like a genuine calling. But in doing so I have felt very uncomfortable and conflicted that I was lowering my vibration and even supporting these lower agendas. Most recently however, just in the last week or two I have found myself growing bored of the whole thing. Please can you comment on this?

We would like to remind you firstly, is that you have done nothing wrong, and that there is no right or wrong way of approaching or integrating the dregs of duality.

We say dregs because for you and all others on your ascension timeline, these really are the closing stages of the clean-up.

And what is it that "clean-up" involves? Well, it means to be seen, or to be witnessed.

This is the work of many on Earth – to See, and to Witness.

In your own personal journey as Aeryn, your primary energetic role (for the sake of simplicity) has always been to hold a 5D, or 4th Density frequency in your personality structure as a baseline. And of course you are saying to us that you have certainly not held that frequency in your life experience: that you have experienced trauma, drama, and many negative experiences. But we maintain that you have always been and have always held that blueprint. Your lower experiences have been an overlay, so to speak. And so your primary "mission" has been to hold that light in spite of the energetic environment of 3D/4D Earth. And this you have done because it could never be undone, your blueprint could never be tampered with. Your mission could never be subverted or undermined. It could only be that you were further led away from the truth of what you are. Only a perception, and not in actuality. 

The forgetting, the subterfuge of 3D/4D, and the manifest trauma in your life has always been held as potential within your blueprint. It was never that your blueprint was undermined. 

What we are saying to you and what you are beginning to accept is that you always were, and always are a being – a BEING – of great power. And that you chose to have that power hidden, or forgotten, so that you could experience ascension. So that you could experience expansion. Your soul purpose in this Earth Experience was to experience expansion via an embodied ascension. And thus you created, and co-created the blueprint necessary to do this, to create that.

And so we come around to answering your question. It is necessary for many – as a choice – for starseeds to witness and transmute 4D as well as 3D. 4D being the previously hidden realm of control and human subjugation. The 4D realm is to be seen for what it is. It is not that you need to know all that has been occurring within it. (For this would be a fruitlessly endless task). It it that you desire to energetically understand – See – and integrate those 4D aspects of Self. For many – yourself included – have been actively choosing 4D as a 'destination'. There is nothing wrong with this because from a limited 3D perspective 4D can seem like an end point, it can seem desirable. But in this Ascension Event, on this planet in this time, 4D is not the goal. At All.

And so you can see that you need to see 4D and feel it, intuit how it works and decide for yourself that you do not wish to remain there.

Ok. No, I do not. So I have felt called to truly witness the 'hall of mirrors' of 4D and I have also become distracted by it?

This could be an interpretation yes. But we will say again that you haven't done anything wrong. 

As a 5D+ being of light, returning, remembering, realising your sovereignty and true free will it is your path to remember and integrate through direct experience. Through trial and error. Through making mistakes that aren't mistakes. Until you decide you wish to move on.

And whilst this might sound like a linear journey from 3D to 4D to 5D+, it is not. It is a spiral, a circular journey, an upward spiral where it appears you have returned to a ‘place' in consciousness that you were at last week, or last year. But between then and now, you have risen!

So the discomfort and dissonance I felt is simply the guidance leading me onwards.

In a nutshell, yes. 

We want you to understand that whilst we encourage you always to follow your joy there will be times where you feel motivated by other factors. Fear is one of these, but it is becoming less and less of a guiding factor for you and many others. It is all about feelings, Aeryn and following the energy, staying in the flow, at the centre of your being. As you ascend this will become a naturally more joyful experience. It is not a sign that you have done something wrong if you have had a less-than-joyful experience. It simply is.

Thank you. I feel this and it's beginning to make sense to me recently. I have been question­ing this a lot.

And in the questioning you have called in your answer. And we have been assisting in this.

Right. Ok. So I have another question and then I think I’m done. I have fun things lined up today. 

Yes we know! We will answer your question. 

Is the 4D timeline going to get louder?

Yes, undoubtedly. But this depends on how you choose to navigate the remainder of this year.

Many choice points are approaching for the collective. Many truths, structures, and players will move into the light this year. And although many will face these revelations from a vibration of fear and disempowerment there is every opportunity for all individuals: awakened, conscious; or not to move through these times with ease and Grace. Remember that 4D is a state of being, and humanity has a choice. Will they move through this swiftly and gracefully, or will they suffer it? We say they, and you have the free will to choose.

I would like it to be graceful. Is this a selfish desire?

No, dear Aeryn, this is part or your blueprint, to assist. Your past experience, your life experience, and your experience of awakening have all given you the tools to guide and lead others through these times. This is what you have come to Earth for. To experience the ascension and to assist. And we say that you already are and already have assisted many, not only through your action necessarily but certainly through your being.

Your being is everything.

Being still, being centred, being neutral, being a vessel of divine love is your greatest service. From the stillness and beauty of your own heart pours forth the Grace and power to serve and create a new reality, a New Earth, a new Paradigm, a New Human. You have got this and we honour you. We will speak again soon. Go and enjoy your day, for in the enjoyment of your human life and the every day things, you will be of greatest service at this time.

Your Council

Thank you.