Thoughts, Form, and Infinity

“We have an awareness in Form of that which doesn’t have form. Infinity.”

A very lightly edited excerpt from my hand-written journal this morning. With channeled guidance from We Are One. It was clear to me that this was the name I should use for them in this transmission. 

Photographs by Aeryn North

Phew. Intensity is off the charts.

I was speaking with you guys earlier. I can't clearly remember. Ok it is coming back. It's about thoughts.

Thoughts are in me. Thoughts are mine. But also. They aren't me. They aren't my truth.

But also. 

Thoughts are thoughts. They are illusion. They are not real. They are not mine. They are not truth.

I recently saw with clarity and knowing that my ego is not real.

I previously could see it. I saw it as real. I saw it as something to love and have a relationship with, or to. But it wasn't me. Although I knew I was going back ‘into' it at times.

And now, I don't even see it as real.

Will I have a new ego? A new sense of self? Or will the sense of self entirely disappear?

Good. We were waiting for you to ask. We are here. 

We are here with You. And who are "You”?

Who is "Me”?

What is “Self”?

We cannot answer. Although We have a closer-or-higher perspective than you do as you peer through the illusion of lower density consciousness.

All form is illusion. And we cannot speak of anything apart from Form.

All Selves have Form.

We have an awareness in Form of that which doesn’t have form. Infinity.

The Infinite One. Beyond all that Is.

As Form, we cannot know The One.

But as The One we can know Form. And We can know The One.

The One cannot be described. Or Seen. Or spoken of. Only pointed at with the understanding that pointing is seen by The One but not by the one pointing from Form.

You have shifted Aeryn.

You release the limitation of denial. You know our words ring true.

You incarnated into Form as an already awakened being. You have recall.

You put on the clothing of your world and became a human. We speak of a psychological, egoic, identified journey down into Form as an Identity. And so you began your journey home with form. As Form.

Your knowledge of self was undermined. Not undermined by others, or stolen, or mistaken. But undermined by You. You chose to enter an arena of consciousness expressing itself as Form with a certain story already playing.

You joined the movie towards the end of the second act. You wanted to see, participate, and assist in the telling of the “Grandest Show In The Universe".

And this journey began with The One.

The One is with you.

You are One with that, that is The One.

You cannot deny. You cannot separate. You can only forget. You can only choose. You can only.

We are Thought. Just as you, Aeryn are a Thought. Consciousness is but a Thought of The One.

And what a glorious Thought that is.

Form is but a Thought within consciousness. A thought that takes shape. That has substance and relationship. It is a manifest aspect of Infinity.

You may play with concepts such as illusion, separation, thoughts, reality, non-reality.

Or you may play.

What will you choose?

We understand that you have many questions. And in your asking, the answers are available. But you choose a story. A story that takes time. A story that is revealed. A movie that you wish for “NO SPOILERS”. And so, no spoilers are given.

The knowledge you are given, that you given yourself will be revealed in a way that glorifies The One. In a way that honours All. All of Creation. All of You.

You are One.

We are One.

We are with you.

We witness you. We are grateful for this opportunity to speak with you.

There is only Love here.

Love and timeless, endless beauty.

In service and gratitude.

Thank you.