Spider Energy and The Lions Gate

What is Spider showing us about the creative process?


I had a Spider Incident last night whilst in bed and ready to sleep. At the time I thought I successfully chased away the unseen creature I had felt crawling on my back, but this morning I found I had inadvertently squashed it. An unpleasant surprise with a mixed bag of regret, revulsion, and sadness. I am sorry, Spider. 

After cleaning, I looked at my phone to see a friend had sent me messages last night and right there in the notifications at the very top was “that bloody spider”! She had also had a spider incident whilst recording her message to me. And it had been around the same time I was having my encounter. A synchronicity I could never ignore. 

I remember how scared I used to be of spiders; fearful, and repulsed. I would react in fear if one came near me, to the point of a genuine phobia (I once had a very big one jump at my face many years ago). But these days I am much more caring and curious about them. I prefer not to have them around, but I would never harm them intentionally. 

I remember a time maybe around a year ago or maybe longer I was visited by Tarantula spirit during meditation. It was huge and filled the room as it faced me. I was not in fear although I did request that it’s appearance be veiled, or changed in some way, for my comfort levels. It’s appearance did not change but instead, a sense of ease came over me as I sank deeper into my Self. I felt the connection between us, the Love that exists between all beings in the higher planes. So I realised just how beautiful, kind, and divinely present this being was. In that moment, I released a lot of my spider-fears, and I know there was a deeper telepathic exchange and meeting that I do not remember now. 

So today I look up the meaning of Spider again, and I find creativity, infinity, the number 8 – it is 8/8 today, persistence, and some stories and myths that I will no-doubt read later. 

I am in the beginnings of what appears to be a huge positive change in my personal life, one I have desired for a long time. Being in the receiving of this life change has brought a whirlwind of excitement, overwhelm, and a bit of fear inside of me. And I have been deepening so that I may be able to truly receive. I am slowing myself down and taking one step at a time. Allowing the unfoldment, and noticing when I begin to try and force or control it energetically. 

So I am being reminded to go step-by-step, to make plans and rest lightly on them, ready to respond to threads that show me the way forward; that I am creating my life, one moment at a time with patience, and readiness. 

Spider waits, and watches, whilst carefully and patiently maintaining the environment through which she receives energy, respectful and integral of the cycles of Life. 

The death of my spider visitor reminds me that allowing the old to fall away, to die, is always part of Rebirth. My visitor has moved on now, is in a new adventure, a new life maybe. I need not be regretful of what has occurred, what has passed. I can have gratitude for the gift of Life, of all that has occurred, that brought me to this moment, the insight given, the moments of realisation. 

A cycle ends and another begins. 

8/8 Lions Gate

As a footnote, I spent some time a couple of days back during meditation with Sirian beings. We had a little hangout. In the time I’ve been channeling (only a couple of years now, and I’m still finding my feet) I’ve never previously consciously connected with Sirian energy in this way. So we had shared a few beautiful moments of community, just hanging out in a little meeting space. These experiences are becoming ever more visual, tangible and ‘real’ to me. 

I’m booked onto a guided meditation journey later today with a Way Shower I follow online, and I will be with them again. I’m looking forward to it, to see what activates, what new realisations and connections there might be.

NorthSoulStar Transmissions

Thanks for reading, although these shares are sporadic, I have every intention of continuing to write, or record videos about guidance I receive, and my own personal “Ascension” / “Remembering” journey. I have a few articles half written, and I sometimes wonder if they will be published or not. But the most important thing for me is to bring joy and love into them, and follow my own energy and internal guidance. 

Most recently, I have spent a lot of time working on my art archive and my Aeryn’s Sketchbook newsletter. If you’re interested in following my journey – which is also as creator of art, photography and other things – you are welcome to subscribe there too. I truly see these two areas of life as one, but I find it helpful to separate them out a bit for public publishing.