Refinement and Realisation

The energy has shifted. So many of you are on the brink of realisation. You are realising, you are noticing, that the work is done, the energy is calling you into You.


It’s nice to be back on this blog with a transmission to share, which is below the following announcement. I loved receiving this message and I’m grateful to be able to share it. 

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If you were expecting an announcement regarding a community I have talked about recently on my YouTube channel I have decided to put those plans on hiatus for the time being with my apologies. 

This is because I am going to be moving home in the next couple of weeks into a new home that will need quite a bit of attention, and also I have a family member who is going through their own challenges right now. I want to be sure I can devote myself, and show up in my personal life fully and completely. September has definitely brought some unexpected challenges. 

My apologies for this change. It had become clear to me that the energy was shifting in the project and I found it confusing to lose that internal momentum, but I knew something else was being brought forward. It’s clear now why that happened – that I need to prioritise my personal life for the time being. I still have things in place if and when it’s clear I can get the community project going again. 

I’m still available for chats and informal support by email – just reply to any newsletter you receive and I’ll get back to you. Please do reach out if you feel called. 

Below is a written channelling that I received yesterday morning. I've been finding the energies very strong recently, along with some big changes in my personal life, that I will probably share a later date because it’s really amazing what’s been happening for me. Some of my unconscious fears were addressed and beautiful activations have been coming through for me since. Although I am speaking with my guides every day, this felt really potent and fresh. 

So, the message I received is transcribed from my handwritten journal. And it’s a lovely message as usual, where the theme of the message is Refinement. My Council, my Family of Light, my guides wanted me to tune into that word, and what refinement means to me. 

I am presenting that message almost exactly as I wrote it down with a few small tweaks to the grammar and spelling. But I think it's important to present it mostly as it came in, with just some tweaks for readability. So thanks for reading, and I hope to be sharing some more at some point soon.


We are here. We are here. We are here.

We are with you. We are with you. We are with you. 

You are love. You are love. You are love.

[I am love. I am love. I am love.]

Let go. Let go, dear Aeryn. We are here. Let us come in. Let our energy present itself to you. Open. And allow. We are with you. 

Let your mind relax. Ask it to relax.

Yes! This is it. You have brought yourself into a clearer channel.

Let's call it a refinement. We want you to remember the word REFINEMENT


We are asking you to consider the word refinement and all it means to you.

You are already in the flow. You are already realised. You are already enlightened. It's just that there is always a deepening available. Always a potential for refinement. Refinement says there are subtle tweaks available, that there is a deeper opportunity, that there is a greater possibility, not in the detail, but in the refinement.

Yes REFINEMENT. It's an interesting word is it not?

You are doing well. You are not doing anything wrong. It's not that you are going backwards. It's that YOU are undergoing a refinement also. As we say there is a refinement available. A refine­ment in being, a refinement in perspective, a refinement in action, there also is a refinement happening on all that we know as Aeryn. Aeryn, you are refining yourself!

You can call it healing, you can call it expansion. You can call it ascension, or realisation. But today we are asking you to simply consider it a refinement.

We are your Council and we are here to remind you. 

We love you. Do not see anything as a backwards step. Do not see your own refinement as a new difficulty or challenge. It is that everything about you is being refined and every tool in your toolkit is being refined. You are becoming more sensitive. You are being refined.

And so, things change. YOU change. Your external reality changes. And there is a new beingness emerging. A new refined beingness. An exquisiteness. A perfection.

It's all rather wonderful isn't it? To experience this refinement as a result of your own intention to experience it. You are receiving all that you asked for and all that you intended.

The discomfort, or pain you are experiencing is not that you have done anything wrong. It is not that you are in resistance. It is that you are trying to figure it all out. When it is simply your own expansion that you are trying to fit into a box.

And you haven't done anything wrong. It's the trying to fit your experience, your self into a box that is the way things were, the way things used to be, and you are receiving feedback that this isn't your truth.

You are one of the pioneers. One of thousands. One of millions. One of billions. You are a pioneer. You are a transformer. You chose to go very low, and then go very high. You chose a deeply transformative journey. You knew how much service there would be in this. You are not on the wrong Earth, you are not on the wrong timeline, you didn't make a mistake. Nothing went wrong.

But what is being asked of you, what is being presented, what is being offered, has shifted.

The energy has shifted. Because so many of you are on the brink of realisation. You are realising, you are noticing, that the work is done, the energy is not calling you into action, it is calling you into You. It is asking you to let go of any need or desire to push, or force, or change, or fix yourself. The energy has shifted and we are using the word refinement.


Even as you look out at the world, and you see chaos, confusion, polarity, duality, change, transformation and intensity, we ask you to consider the word refinement.

Because that's what this is, Aeryn. You have been on this journey to realisation your whole life. And you finally got to a place where you thought you had it all figured out and you come to the final realisation – that there isn't anything to figure out, there’s nothing to figure out! There's nothing for you to figure out! You can just let it all in! Just let it all in!

And when you feel called to follow the energy. When the energy calls you to a new place, or to a new realisation it's a refinement, an adjustment, a deepening of what already is.

And this is how transformation occurs. This is how it is received. It is subtle, and yet it is transformational.

We thank you. We thank you. We thank you for being here with us. We are in awe, and wonder, and gratitude of the human experience. That you are exploring this human experience, and that you are sharing the beauty, the love, the special moments of your life with us, with Source, with other realms of higher consciousness.

Now go and share your light in the World. Share the beauty, share your joy, share your love.

Be in the refinement of profound transformation. Be in the centre of it all. Be in yourself. Be all that you are. Be in the world, be here now.

Be the refinement.

We do love this word.

We love you and we leave you with a little suggestion. A question, for you Aeryn. For You.

Will you share this with the World, Aeryn? Will you share this message? Might this message be exactly what some other person might want to read today? You do not need to doubt yourself any longer. You are enough. Whether you share or not, you are enough. There is nothing that you must do. But in the exploring, and the expressing, the giving, there is much to be received.

Over and Out.

Laughing out Loud.

Be Joyful, Aeryn.

Your Council. Your Family of Light


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