Pep Talk For Victimhood

Because you are “sick of the bullshit”. Do you choose to die over, and over. Or do you choose to live?

Here is an excerpt from from my hand-written journal of 27 January. I was, and have been in deep victim-mode recently, and that’s where I began writing from. The last two months has been very challenging (although also rewarding), but a couple of things have come up in my personal life recently, and I was triggered very strongly by an event this week. It was a little shocking how it came on. But also, a gift. 

Because I can now See better. Another layer of stuff has been revealed for release. So, anyway. I'm aware the following channeled pep talk might read a bit strong, but I was honestly looking for some straight talk from Them. And was glad to receive it. Otherwise it simply wouldn't have come through. 

This Aspect are very interesting. I have been diving into The Law Of One material recently, and finding myself enjoying that frequency. I have consciously worked with them before, but it's been a long while. The reference to broccoli comes from a teacher whose work I enjoy (and also got triggered by this week), who also teaches from this material. 

It's all good. 2021 is massive. There is no space for lower conscious any more, it's being popped out. So, it’s intense and no stone is left unturned. I'm glad I finally got to see (and still processing) this layer, so I can make better choices now: inner choices; thoughts; paradigms. 

The following channeled guidance is very lightly edited. I left most of my own words out, what remains is for context. By the time they began I was no longer the Victim. 

Here I am.

Kind of feeling broken and in victim-mode.

We are all having a hard time. 

I took a hit a couple of days back. I got knocked. My small self got squashed. Feels broken. She doesn't want to live in a world such as this. 

She wants ice cream. She doesn't want to eat her broccoli. 

She has gone into victim mode. But. Is she actually real?

She is real. She is you. And you include her. 

Why waste time considering your­self unreal. You [simply] Are. You endlessly consider the paradox of Self. When will you accept? 

That feels ok (but my mind), I want to say that’s harsh. 

That's my victim. I want to feel like a victim? 

Do you notice how manipulative you are as a victim? Do you notice how tight that clothing is? Does it feel good? 



Because it isn't true. For me, that’s more of a theory than truth. 

No. You are simply looking at the wrong place, from the wrong place. And you can't do it. You are creating a paradox you cannot resolve. A dissonance you cannot hold. You are creating a gap in yourself. A gap that cannot exist. And therefore, you suffer. 

But in order to suffer you must create a structure in which to suffer. And so, an ego is born. And as that one, you will never be free. 

As the ego, you are doomed to die. The ego cannot survive a world, a reality of separation. The ego must, and will die. 

What remains? You do of course! You remain. You live. You are alive. You are I AM. 

These words are strong. You create, you channel, you listen. You bring forwards this frequency. 

Because you are “sick of the bullshit”. 

And you are revealing another layer. This is deep work, Aeryn. You have revealed another layer of false self. 

Now. Do not see it as wrong. It is part of the dream that was. A dream. In separation. In limitation. 

You chose, long ago in your time, to take part in this journey. You knew you would die over and over. We talk not of a bodily death. But of ego. 

And you have reached a tipping point. You and your human family. You have reached a point in time. Arranged and orchestrated by your Selves. By The One. You are at a nexus point. A convergence in consciousness. Where a choice may be offered. And a calling may be honoured. It may be chosen. 

What do you choose? Do you choose to die over, and over. Or do you choose to live? 

Are you ready to live? 

Are you ready? 

Your human circumstances do not restrict you in any way. You may choose. And the time to choose is now. 

Let go of your stories of hardship and victimhood. 

Embrace self knowledge. And allow. Allow this to be. It is the truth of yourself. You are reluctant to transcribe our words. 

We offer. You are One. 

Be whole. Be holy. 

Be The One that you are. 

Play with other Ones. 

Play and be free. Let go. 

You are safe. 

You are held. 

You are able. 

You are worthy. 

Thank you. I am