Notes on Awakening

Who am I to see Consciousness?

The following was intended for my personal blog, and it still might go there, but I remembered this Newsletter could do with an update. Here we are..

Some days it doesn’t happen. Some weeks; some months even. When I look back at 2020, it feels as if I had never realised the Truth. But in a relative sense, I was certainly kicking ass. 

I’m talking about Self-Realisation; being Awake; being Conscious; being Aware of Awareness. 

I watch videos, listen to teachings. And I often speak with Higher Consciousness. They coach me; I listen; I ask, reply. Until sometimes, I AM. 

2021 is the year of I AM. 

It has been a long day of seeking, until..

I asked: Who am I to see energy?
I replied: I am Consciousness.
I asked: Who am I to see Consciousness?
Someone smiled and uttered: Well, Fuck

BOOM, there I AM, suddenly but quietly revealed. Complete and indescribable, so obvious and already timelessly so as always IS (whether realised or not). Words fail and that doesn’t matter. There was no BOOM; no fanfare; no breakdown; just Truth. 

It’s very hard work, until it isn’t. It’s very painful, until it isn’t. It’s always worth it. Shifting has never been so intensely deliberate and paradoxically hard/easy, I find. I’ve been doing this for years. And now, this is the Awakening.