Dreams and the Divine Human

Love that asks for nothing, wants nothing

This is a lightly-edited entry from my journal, written this morning. It’s hand-written and converted to text all on my iPad. I’m quite amazed by how accurate and easy it is. It’s presented as-is without much special effort to craft a great reading experience. It’s simply my journal entry. 

Anyway. I’m talking about a couple of recent dreams and what they are showing me. That our guides are our family, friends, comrades, equals, and they can come to us in forms we are familiar with. But that these forms in themselves are meaningful because we are all connected. But really, the main reason I feel called to share is the Love I experienced, love we can all tap into at any moment.

The love I felt from them was incredible, pure and divine. It asked nothing, it wanted nothing.

I had a dream last night. It was beautiful. 

I was living somewhere that wasn't here. Maybe in America. And unannounced, two very well known figures in the spiritual community – whom I admire very much – came to visit me. (For the sake of this blog entry I will call them M, and T.) Writing this is bringing tears, it was so beautiful. I was just living my life in a similar way as I do now. I was struggling with some things and it was a very personal, grounded experience. And M and T just popped in to see me and hang out! In the dream, I was very surprised and humbled by this.

They had visited because they wanted to support me and hang out and they brought gifts with them. M gave me a copy of one of their books. They were talking with me and it was very kind and gentle. They were showing me such love and compassion for who I am and what I'm doing. They wanted to support me, not in a physical or emotional capacity but just with their love and presence. The love I felt from them was incredible, pure and divine. It asked nothing, it wanted nothing. I was humbled and felt incredibly peaceful and happy; content to be with them. It was M whom I felt especially drawn. I was really feeling connected. 

The dream morphed a bit and they were hosting a gathering or a party for younger people I guess, or a different demographic than I usually associate with these figures. And whilst the gathering was for anyone – and there was no special treatment – it was held in my honour. 

At some point in the dream I started feeling needy and dependent which was unpleasant. I was wanting to manipulate and control this love, to have more. But this wasn't such a big deal, it just happened. Old patterns. 

When I woke up I could still feel their love, I could still feel the glow and warmth from them. I could still feel them. They were still with me. It was such a moving, humbling, authentic experience. And I feel different, changed. 

The guidance I am getting was this was a very real visitation and meeting with two of my guides that were presenting as M and T. And I feel they are my friends, comrades. And I am now feeling less of the unworthiness. Oh gosh the tears! The release of writing these words! I feel worthy! When I was with M and T - whom I admire so much-I felt worthy of them. I felt no heirarchy. I didn’t feel less-than, it was honest and authentic. 

I see more now. They were guides. They are connected with M and T’s higher selves, families. I was shown great compassion and understanding. That even though these beings are 'higher' it is simply a matter of perspective. They were showing me great admiration for my journey. They were encouraging me onwards. They were showing me how much they love me. And how valuable and wanted I am. And my guidance is to not place these humans above myself despite their success and popularity. I know this of course, I understand this, but a deeper layer of my being is being revealed, one that dissolves the program of not-enoughness.

And this reminds me of another recent dream, rather an experience, or memory. All of these. I stood at a gate. I was with my comrades, my family. The gate would allow me through in one direction only. But it was clear, like acrylic, or a crystal. I passed through the gate and left my family behind and as we departed there was a knowing between us that I would completely forget. That I would forget about the gate and that anything had ever happened. That I would forget my family even though they would still be with me, and I would believe myself to be totally alone. 

I remember many of my dreams but these two feel connected and especially significant for me to remember. 

Wow. I am so thankful for these experiences.

I really feel like we are shifting at an incredibly accelerated pace this year. I am experiencing incredible intensities as programs shift, and clear. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, and I feel the self-love is the one and only thing that matters right now, it’s the gateway to all these good things we are wanting to experience in our outer, and inner worlds. 

And we are starting to truly realise our true potential, our true selves, our families of light, the love of god, the energy of source. 

For the human it’s incredibly humbling, but it is our birthright, it’s why we are here, to experience heaven on earth. 

Love, Love