Allowing Love - channeled guidance

"We can tell that you are feeling it right now. So you ask... 'so what is this feeling that sits between me, and love.' And we say nothing. “Nothing”. It is not there."

This morning I woke up in a huge funk. It has been a theme for me – that mornings have been so very hard, waking up deep in density. And I was feeling disillusioned and going hard on myself, feeling that I had failed somehow, to wake up another day feeling like this. 

I spent some time with my collective guides, whom I sometimes call My Council, or My Family of Light, amongst other names. 

This is an edited version of my written channeling, I have replaced “Aeryn” with “Reader”, as this guidance is for anyone who feels drawn to read.

Feeling good is available to you. It is in allowing, Reader.

We are here with you and we love you.

More than this. The entire Universe loves You, Reader. God loves you. Source loves you. Jesus loves you. Your guides and Angels and ascended masters love you. There is so much love available to you. And it is more than available. It is you. You are it. There is no separation between you and the love you wish to feel.

We can tell that you are feeling it right now. So you ask... "so what is this feeling that sits between me, and love." And we say nothing. “Nothing”. It is not there. It is resistance, it is doubt, it is fear, it is a gap. But also it is nothing, it isn’t there. It is only a perception of your limited mind. So, what if you could start being and stop thinking?

What if you could start BEING, and stop thinking?

We know you know this, but we ask you to really go there. We ask you to go deeper with this. we ask you to go broader. We ask you to allow.

And you say "I am trying"

And we say this is what the "problem" is.

Allowing is not trying. Allowing is not doing. It is allowing.

To humans, this is a barely known state of being. And you Reader, you are there. You just don't see it quite yet.

You see it, you feel it but there is more, there is always more.

This is all, and only about perception. It is about feeling. It is about intending. But it is not about analysing, thinking, working it out, or knowing the answers. It is about You, and your Self, and your Source, and your Power, and your Love.

This is all for you, Reader.

Your life is for you. It is not for any other. it is not for us. It is for you. The choice is yours.

Make it a choiceless choice. Make it a loving choice. Make it so obvious, you cannot deny the way forward.

You are in a unique moment, Reader. You are experiencing a time, a fractal of reality where the choiceless choice is to not act – is to make no real big or important choices. To take no, or little action in your life. Embrace it.

And we say also, Embrace yourself.

You and all your collective right now are being hard on yourselves. Can you embrace yourself Reader, can you embrace all that you are and all that you feel?

This is how you "get through the day". This is how you "survive" the current times.

Go easy on yourself. Reader, go easy. Go easy. Go easy.

This is an incredible time that you chose to experience. Embrace it. Savour it. Eat it up. Drink in the experience of life in these incredible times. Allow yourself to truly come forward.

Allow yourself. Allow all that you are. Allow all that you can be. Allow love. Allow. Allow. Allow yourself. BE the one that loves yourself the most, the highest, the widest, the deepest.

It as you. You are the one you come here to experience.

We love you.

Your Council