All black lives are precious

Being in the truth of love for all black people

I wish only to speak from my heart on the subject of racism, which is being explored by the collective right now in such an intense and divisive way. I don’t have much to say except of course Black Lives Matter but I have felt fear over adding my voice to the conversation. And this fear is showing me something about myself.

I wrote the following on my social media as a flow of thoughts and is not meant to be anything other than my own heartfelt and authentic expression in the moment I wrote it.

Black lives matter.

I have felt fear to say it. Of course they matter.

All black people are precious human beings.

And racism is heartbreaking.

I will not let other people decide what this simple phrase means to me.

Or how to say it. Or when to say it.

Or attach baggage to it that I don’t understand.

Or make it something I’m not allowed to say.

Or must say. To prove something.

That might dilute the truth.

To make it complicated. Inaccessible to me.

I must decide what it means to me.

It is beyond my words and beyond my action.

It is about BEING in the truth of love for all black people.

And speaking, and acting from that place. As me.

To actually be in the truth of that takes responsibility.

Of heart cracking grief, and love.

It is simple in its truth. With no filter or condition.

Black lives matter.

Aeryn North