A Love Letter To Myself, My Beloved

Self-love in intense times - You are whole, you are perfect, you are beautiful

A few days ago, I took part in a community call and there was some suggested homework, to write a love letter to my beloved. I wrote this quite spontaneously whilst sitting in my local park one morning. I was reflecting on how hard I had been on myself, especially my Ego – I spent a lot of time thinking about my own ego a while back – and I decided to write a love letter to it, to my ego. And in the writing, the letter transformed over ten minutes into something quite different. By the time I finished I had brought myself into a state of profound self-love and presence. It was beautiful, I felt whole again. 

I recorded a video on my YouTube channel where I talk about this. 

Here is the letter, transcribed from the hand written version. A PDF version is gifted to my Newsletter subscribers, to aid in your own self love practice. (Link at the top of your email Newsletter). 

To my Dear Ego, my Small Self, Little Me

I love you. I love you so much.

We are One, and You are a part of me.

We have seen many adventures

We have experienced much pain


You have been of great service to this journey, and I honour You

You have wisdom and experience that has been so beautiful and valuable to Me

But I cannot ask you to lead any longer

I am inviting you to rest and relax inside of my heart

As a treasured gem, I hold you dear to me

I hold you and I adore you

I ask you to quiet down

I ask you to rest

I ask you to relinquish your needs and desires to Me. 


I am your love

I am your home

I am your Mother and your Father

I am your Guardian Angel

I am your best friend

I hear you. I see you

I honour you

I am your greatest confidant.

I will never reject you

And I will provide for you

I am the Source of the Love and recognition you crave, you need, you want

I tell you, you are whole, you are perfect, you are beautiful

All I ask is that you allow Me to provide

Allow Me

For I AM your Source

Let go and rest

Let go your need to control

Let go your need for answers

Let go your demands and bargains

Let go and let me in

Let go and let me give to you everything you desire

Which is Love

I AM Love

And I am here with you

Always, and eternally

I hold you.

Rest. And I will be here