Energetic Invitation - Transcending Programs and Letting Go Of Them [guidance]

The Storm Before The Calm [guidance]

[vlog] Authenticity and Trust. Awakening and Energy Vampires.

[vlog] August and the Lion’s Gate

[vlog] Check in

[vlog] Mindfulness or Meditation

Members’ Area 2019

[vlog] Healing Trauma and Intense Energies. Showing up For Healing

Transmuting Shadow and Tech Issues in these Energies

What blocks abundance?

This Sensitive Life. Embracing the Energies.

Processing- Afraid of Your Own Power

Mercury, Ashtar, Myriam Oracle Reading. Wayshowing and Forgiveness.

How Do I Serve?

Guidance. Unity. Lightworkers.

Current Energies. Creatorship. Speaking Truth. Releasing Programs.

Permission for unconditional living

Melchizedek / Isis - Oracle card reading and guidance 2019-05-13

Reflecting, and another trip around the spiral. Integrating and loving the ego. Guidance for these energies.

[Guided Meditation] "A quiet place" - chillout visualisation meditation - Ripples Drifting Still Ocean Peace


A podcast and offering about Awakening, New Earth, Self-Empowerment, Self-Realisation, Ascension - presented in a personal vlog style