Please note this project is undergoing some changes that haven’t yet been put in place. Some information (below) on this page is out of date and subject to change. I expect to be using the Substack platform again in the near future, but for now there’s a temporary hiatus. Please visit my YouTube channel for regular offerings.

If you choose to optionally upgrade your membership to a paid subscription there are currently no perks in doing so. (See it as a donation).

Thanks for your patience,

Aeryn North
October 2019

To contact me, please subscribe to this newletter (it’s free and I always respect your privacy) and reply to any email you receive from the newsletter. Your replies are forwarded to my personal inbox, and I will get back to you. Alternatively if you use Telegram messaging app, you can message me on username aerynnorth.

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The following is subject to change..

NorthSoulStar Transmissions

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Transmissions and offerings in assistance to the Awakening of Humanity. New Earth, Self-Empowerment, Self-Realisation, Ascension, 5D, Love, The One.

Hi, my name is Aeryn and I record transmissions about Awakening, Self-Empowerment, Self-Realisation, New Earth, and related subjects. These are usually presented as an audio podcast hosted on Substack, and videos hosted on YouTube. It is my joy to make these recordings and share them online, and I make them freely available without charge in service to The Great Awakening.

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Membership-Access benefits

You are invited to go deeper with me. I offer extended recordings, supplemental materials, written channelings, downloads and transcripts to accompany the free offering.

The paid membership is currently on an Introductory Offer and I expect to be raising those rates some time in 2020. You can lock in the introductory offer by subscribing before then.

The Member’s Area of downloads and extra offerings is here..

Occasionally, other exclusive content is emailed to you. But you can also access it on the Archive page. Just sign in to your account and look for “Subscriber’s post”.

Video Podcast

Video transmissions are posted on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe using your YouTube account and receive mobile notifications or emails from YouTube when a new transmission goes live. I also use the channel for occasional non-podcast uploads, so please check it out.

Audio Podcast

Audio transmissions are hosted right here on Substack. You can subscribe for free, and receive daily updates delivered straight to your inbox, or preferred podcast app.

The audio podcast is also available on these links

Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy and will not pass your email address to anyone else. Your email will only be used by me to deliver these transmissions and other NorthSoulStar-related services.

Terms and Conditions

The information presented through this service is not intended to be advice of any kind, and not medical advice. You are advised never to treat it as such. No claims are made on the success, or results of any healing, self-help, or spiritual practices discussed. You are always encouraged to consult an accredited professional where you live and make your own informed decisions.

Paid Subscriptions

Whilst I record and post new material regularly, there are no plans made or offered to provide a scheduled service, or particular materials to paying members. What is posted is in the flow of what is energetically on offer. I am on my own healing journey and am very happy to share it, but this means I need to take some down time and there may be quiet periods. Please check the Archive page for an idea of past offerings. Ask me for a free trial.


The content offered through this service should be considered for entertainment purposes only. Should you require urgent assistance, or you feel you are in crisis, please consult with a medical professional.

Thank you

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