Energetic Invitation - Transcending Programs and Letting Go Of Them [guidance]


Chatting about the current energies and an invitation to step up into a new space of creating after an intense period of clearing. Letting go of programs and stories.

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Video- https://youtu.be/15Q4-I1YLiE
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Energetic Invitation - Transcending Programs and Letting Go Of Them [guidance]
by Aeryn North, 2019-08-22

The Storm Before The Calm [guidance]


Passing on guidance. “Embrace the storm, embrace the storm. The storm is clearing”. Chatting about dark night of the soul and moving into a clear space, upcoming energies, body upgrades, following intuition, letting go, manifestation, facing fear, Empathic discernment.

Mentioned video- Chatting with Gemma Nelson https://www.facebook.com/aerynnorth/videos/876689042710178/
The Storm Before The Calm Transcript- https://northsoulstar.substack.com

#darknightofthesoul #ascension #intuition 20190815-1121

Video- https://youtu.be/4QaXmAy5alE
Podcast Homepage- https://northsoulstar.com/podcast

The Storm Before The Calm
by Aeryn North, 2019-08-15

[vlog] Authenticity and Trust. Awakening and Energy Vampires.


The guidance today is to show up and be real, share our personal stories. Showing up each day, being humble, letting go, being authentic, and real.

The real awakening is always bigger than we know. Manifesting through faith and trust.

The trauma of healing, facing our fears, seeing past the illusion.

Energy vampires, and genuine supportive connections.

#guidance #authenticity #thegreatawakening 20190812-0908

Video- https://youtu.be/wAd7GrxaXAQ
Podcast Homepage- https://northsoulstar.com/podcast

Authenticity and Trust. Awakening and Energy Vampires. [vlog]
by Aeryn North, 2019-08-12

[vlog] August and the Lion’s Gate


Chatting and sharing my guidance for August and the Lions Gate. It’s about healing, kindness and gratitude, listening to the body as self care. And clearing so we can tune into a new layer of experience of deeper connection and love.

#healing #gratitude #ascension 20190807-0712

Video- https://youtu.be/a1OQsUlDY0M
Podcast Homepage- https://northsoulstar.com/podcast

[vlog] Check in


Just chatting about stuff

#healing #angels #channeling 20190805-1521

Video- https://youtu.be/mUdBpYwnGD8
Podcast homepage- https://northsoulstar.com/podcast

Check in [vlog]
by Aeryn North 2019-08-05 

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